Heating that doesn’t harm the planet

Le 13 February 2015

A long time ago, ELSA took the decision to use natural gas for heating. Our company actually installed its first dual-fuel, natural gas boiler back in July 2005. Six months later, the fourth and final boiler was replaced on our Estavayer site.

An enormous positive impact

As the gas cannot be stored, it is necessary to have a small reserve of fuel oil to ensure production can continue in the event of a problem. But this reserve is only used in emergencies.

Before the boilers were replaced, a truck-trailer containing 22,000 litres of fuel oil used to deliver daily. Now, after the switch, we only receive 60,000 litres a year! This is a huge reduction which cuts our annual CO2 emissions by 6,000 tonnes.

But that’s not all:

This switch has also enabled us to reduce our atmospheric sulphur oxide gas emissions by 99%. It has also eased the burden on our administration department, by significantly reducing the amount of time spent processing orders and managing stock.

ELSA is putting everything in place to ensure a clean future. It was only natural, therefore, that our first step was to change our consumption model.

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