Switching from glass to PET: a weighty decision

Le 4 February 2015


The ELSA-Mifroma Group recently decided to replace the glass bottles in its Bio range of cider vinegar, raspberry red wine vinegar and tarragon white wine vinegar. These products are now sold in PET bottles.

This change in packaging is another step towards our future objectives, as it represents an annual saving of nearly 200 tonnes of materials.

Many advantages

One PET bottle weighs 27 g, compared with 429 g for a glass bottle. This difference in weight guarantees a 90% reduction in packaging materials. Plastic bottles also require much less fuel to transport, not forgetting that they are also much more energy-efficient to produce and recycle than glass.

Simpler to recycle… same great taste

All Migros stores will offer plastic bottle collection facilities. This means you can return your PET bottles to your nearest collection point for recycling.

But, don’t worry: the products inside have stayed the same! You’ll find the same great-tasting products in your new PET bottles!