Certified palm oil:
guarantee of sustainability

Le 21 May 2015

Une huile de palme certifiée, garantie de durabilité

Today, virtually all the palm oil we use is RSPO-certified from segregated sources.
Just what does that mean?

Oil that’s 100% certified

Traditionally, palm oil from different plantations is mixed and refined together regardless of origin.

By contrast, the segregated process ensures that certified oil from sustainable plantations is separated from other oil, under the supervision of the not-for-profit organization RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). The RSPO segregated label is the guarantee that the oil we use is truly certified and respects the norms of sustainable development.

Our bit for the environment

Already last year, the great majority of the palm oil we use was certified to be of RSPO segregated quality. In 2015, that proportion will be more than 99%!

Through this concrete action, ELSA-Mifroma Group commits to helping preserve the natural environments where palm oil is produced, notably Indonesian forests.

What products are we talking about?

One product in particular is impacted by this change: most of the palm oil used by ELSA is for Vegiline soy cream.

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