Friendlier lighting

Le 21 May 2015

Einleuchtende Massnahmen

Mifroma’s production site in Ursy will soon be lit by LEDs. The first steps towards this change took place in 2014 with the replacement of all lighting in the pre-packaging center.

Advantageous – no matter how you look at it

We selected LED lightbulbs operated by Bus remote controls. This gives the added advantage of being able to control lighting proactively. We can turn on and set lights precisely according to needs.

Needless to say, our energy consumption is greatly lowered: no less than 34 MWh are saved each year! Plus, the lifespan of LEDs is 5 times greater than that of conventional bulb, and they can be recycled without fuss. It’s good for employees too: this lighting is softer and less tiring for the eyes.

This first move was fully in place at the beginning of March 2015. It will be soon followed by
two other major steps.

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