Less sugar… all the taste

Le 1 February 2015

moins de sucre

Since 2011, we have achieved a 5 to 10% reduction in the sugar content across half our range of yoghurts. This is a major commitment to improve public health and to tackle obesity, via a food which usually generates little concern.

Although it is known for its health benefits, in fact, yoghurt can contain around 10% added sugar – the equivalent of 4 to 5 sugar cubes in a single 180 g pot. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this represents one third of the recommended daily intake.

Less sugar… all the taste… better for you

To redress the balance and prevent the harmful effects on our health of too much sugar, Migros decided to reduce the sugar content in its most popular brands, such as M-Classic and Bio, both produced by ELSA.

Planned for completion at the end of 2013, this objective was quickly met. From the end of June 2013, 50 yoghurts – representing 48% of the range in Switzerland – saw their sugar content reduced by 5 to 10%.

First yoghurts… then drinks and desserts

The sugar reduction programme will, however, be rolled out in 2 steps. After yoghurts, it will be the turn of milk drinks (Grande Caffe, M-Classic Ice Coffee, Heidi Drink, Bifidus Drink), chocolate milk drinks (Califora, Banago, M-Classic Choco Drink, AHA! Choco Drink) and finally the espresso range (6 flavours).

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