Cooling without harming

Le 13 July 2015

Mifroma is in the process of replacing the refrigerant fluids in all its facilities. Mr. Jean-Pierre Ramseier, in charge of Technical Service of Mifroma, tells us more.

Mr. Ramseier, why are refrigerant fluids so important for Mifroma?
They are used for cooling refrigeration units and freezers where our cheeses are stored. They are also used for air conditioning in some sensitive areas like the IT center.

What system was used up to now?
Up until last year, most of our facilities worked with type R22 refrigerant gas. However, as of January 1st, 2015, this gas has been banned in Switzerland to protect the environment. The law allows us to continue to use R22 gas until December 31st, but not after that date. It is important for us to act proactivy.

Were the legal constraints the only drivers behind this move?
No, it is absolutely within our line of thinking. These changes are actually part of Mifroma’s plans to reduce electricity consumption within our sustainable development strategy. They also contribute to the M-Generation initiative by Migros.

What was the environmental danger with the previous system and how is the new system more sustainable?
The gas previously used was synthetic gas that harms the ozone layer when released. It is replaced by natural gas.

What steps have been taken?
The refrigeration units that use R22 have been replaced by heat exchangers that are hooked up to glycol water distribution networks. A unit that works with CO2 has been installed for the freezers for our grated cheeses . And the air conditioner for the IT has also been replaced.

Is there also a benefit in terms of energy consumption?
Yes, these changes will enable us to save about 50 MWh per year.

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