Milk concentration:
ELSA innovates

Le 29 March 2016

ELSA continuously develops new solutions to help improve clients’ health and respect the environment. With this in mind, the equipment for milk concentration has been replaced.

With this new equipment, treatment of skim milk used in the production of natural yogurt is more efficient. The machine also improves the concentration of byproducts like white and colored waters, and whey.

Cutting-edge technology

How does this technology work? Take, for example, the white water – the mix of milk and water produced at the beginning and end of processing, during rinsing on various machines. Far from being thrown out, this mixture is transported from ELSA by truck to be reused for animal feed.

While the old equipment used an evaporation method, the new technology is based on ultra-modern filtration through inverse osmosis. This improves the concentration of residual material, diminishing its volume and weight.

And this has a direct impact on the environment: the material brought by truck for animal feed takes up less volume, so fewer trucks are used for transport.

More efficient, more ecological and more economical

This new equipment offers thousands of advantages. The volume of byproducts is reduced from 22.3 million liters to 11.4 million liters per year – a reduction of almost 50%! Almost 8,000 m3 of water is saved per year, and only 460 trucks are used, compared to 890 with the old system. Put another way, that’s an annual reduction linked to transport of 950 tons of CO2, comparable to one person making 19,000 Paris-London round trips by plane*!


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