ELSA’s wood-fired boiler for heating milk 

Le 1 May 2017

ELSA has installed a wood-fired boiler at its Estavayer-le-Lac production site, enabling the milk to be steam-heated.
Every day, some 700,000 kilos of milk are processed at ELSA. The raw material is delivered at a temperature of 5°C. For the production of UHT milk, yoghurt or cheese, it needs to be heated – in some cases, to up to 150°C. Previously, this was done using four gas boilers and one fuel-burning boiler. The new wood-fired boiler now does 60% of the necessary work. The other four boilers are only used as backup during peak production times.

Regionally-sourced wood to heat the milk

To fuel the wood-fired boiler, we have a partnership with a local supplier based in Prez-vers-Noréaz, who provides us with exclusively Swiss timber sourced within a 50-kilometre area around Estavayer-le-lac. This ensures complete traceability and guarantees responsible forest management.

Sustainable energy and social responsibility

One of this strategy’s most ambitious objectives is to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020, and to use exclusively renewable energies by 2040. With this new wood-fired boiler, ELSA is significantly contributing towards achieving this goal.

Thanks to the new equipment, ELSA saves about 12,000 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions each year – the equivalent of over half of the company’s CO2 emissions, or the average energy consumption of 2,264 four-person households.

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