A Group committed
to sustainable development

ELSA-Mifroma is a Swiss company specialising in dairy products, and is a leader in Europe. Our skill lies in transforming the milk and ripening the cheese supplied by our carefully selected producers.

We are committed to offering high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Based in Switzerland, we are firmly focused on European and international markets and we export our products abroad, with all the guarantees in terms of logistics, hygiene and traceability.

Our commitment within M-Industry

The ELSA-Mifroma Group forms an integral part of M-Industry, the industrial group of Migros. Comprising 20 companies, it is one of the largest own-brand producers in the world. It employees 11,000 staff and offers 20,000 products in its range, generating an annual turnover of over 5 billion CHF.

As part of M-Industry, our Group pursues the objectives set by the sustainability development strategy adopted by M-Industry in 2013.

Considering ecological, social and economic aspects.

As part of our commitment to sustainable development, we are careful to strike a balance between the economy, the ecology and society. We therefore want to ensure long-term economic success, encourage our staff globally and protect the ecosystem for years to come.

Assuming our responsibilities throughout the value-added chain.

Our understanding of sustainable development includes the entire value-added chain: from the cultivation and acquisition of raw materials, to production in the company, through to consumption and recycling.

Tackling ten important field of action

Ten concrete field of action for improvement have been defined using targeted measures. These field of action apply to all M-Industry companies and the actions of each company and each employee play a key part in achieving these objectives.

Vision for 2020-2040: to pursue ambitious objectives up to 2020 and pioneering visions up to 2040

We have set ourselves ambitious targets, but these are realistic and motivating objectives up to 2020. The pioneering visions up to 2040 act as beacons providing us with direction in the long term. They prepare the ground for more radical innovations and presuppose certain technical advancements.

2020: 40 objectives

Over 40 key objectives – distributed evenly over the ten field of action – must be achieved by 2020.

2040: 100% objective

100% sustainable raw materials:
From 2040, we will only process sustainable raw materials.

100% renewable energies:
From 2040, we will only work with renewable energies.

100% recycling:
From 2040, we will only work with closed ecological cycles.

Our field of action

Our commitment spans the whole life cycle of our products: from the cultivation and acquisition of raw materials, to production in the company, through to consumption and recycling.

Committed every day

Schuhe pflegen statt wegwerfen

Jedes Jahr werfen wir etwa ein Paar Sicherheitsschuhe pro Mitarbeiter/in weg. Dies stellt eine beträchtliche Abfallmenge dar. Wenn wir unsere Schuhe gut pflegen, können wir diesen unnötigen Abfall reduzieren.

Die Produktionsstätte von Estavayer-le-Lac setzt auf Solarenergie

Das Dach des Verwaltungsgebäudes war renovierungsbedürftig.

Reduzierung des Papierverbrauchs

Im Logistikbereich “Friwilog“ bei ELSA wurden die Lieferscheine bis zum vergangenen Herbst auf Papier gedruckt.