Consumption & recycling

Design of products and ranges

We are committed to producing healthy products which improve the well-being of our customers daily. In 2020, 90% of products from the ELSA-Mifroma Group will follow the recognised scientific requirements for nutritional composition. As a first step in this direction, ELSA has already reduced the sugar content across half of its yoghurt range. Mifroma is also working to reduce the salt content in some of its cheeses.

Packaging & recycling

In accordance with M-Industry principles, our Group is planning to reduce the volume of its packaging by 10% by 2020. Several steps have already been taken in this regard. Bio vinegars now come in PET plastic bottles instead of glass, which represents a 90% reduction in packaging materials. The quality of the cardboard used for Migros 180 g set yoghurt pots has also been changed, lowering annual CO2 emissions by at least 315 tonnes.

Committed every day

Schuhe pflegen statt wegwerfen

Jedes Jahr werfen wir etwa ein Paar Sicherheitsschuhe pro Mitarbeiter/in weg. Dies stellt eine beträchtliche Abfallmenge dar. Wenn wir unsere Schuhe gut pflegen, können wir diesen unnötigen Abfall reduzieren.

Die Produktionsstätte von Estavayer-le-Lac setzt auf Solarenergie

Das Dach des Verwaltungsgebäudes war renovierungsbedürftig.

Reduzierung des Papierverbrauchs

Im Logistikbereich “Friwilog“ bei ELSA wurden die Lieferscheine bis zum vergangenen Herbst auf Papier gedruckt.

United for the future

As part of M-Industry's strategy, the ELSA-Mifroma Group is committed to sustainable development. Our actions apply to all stages of the life cycle of a product.