Production and trade


ELSA-Mifroma is demonstrating its commitment to the well-being of its 850 employees with many measures: offering balanced menus in staff restaurants, free flu vaccinations, access to fitness and regular massages etc. Finally, our Group attaches particular importance to training. Each employee benefits from an annual training credit. And each year, our companies train around 35 apprentices in 7 fields of expertise.

Process & infrastructure

Energy efficiency

The ELSA-Mifroma Group is committed to improving its energy efficiency by 15% by 2020. We are also planning to reduce our consumption of water, electricity and energy used for heating. In this context, some steps have already been taken: back in 2005, ELSA took the decision to use natural gas for heating. This switch represents a reduction of 25%, cutting annual CO2 emissions by 6,000 tonnes.

Caring for biodiversity

Our companies attach great importance to the environment and steps have been taken to guarantee biodiversity around our production sites. The green land surrounding our buildings is maintained without using pesticides or fertilisers. Native species are encouraged and mowing is limited to twice a year. In 2014, this commitment was recognised when the company was awarded certification by the Nature & Economy Foundation.

Corporate economy


ELSA-Mifroma is aiming to reduce the waste generated in its companies and ensure waste recycling using a strict sorting system. For example, ELSA is in the process of implementing a sorting system for milk carton waste. These cartons are then sent to an external company which separates the cardboard from the plastic and aluminium to reuse the components!

Food waste

The complexity of production generates a large amount of organic waste. To minimise this as far as possible, ELSA analyses these processes, trains its staff and invests in technical solutions. All essential organic waste is recycled and transformed into animal feed.

Comitted every day

Schuhe pflegen statt wegwerfen

Jedes Jahr werfen wir etwa ein Paar Sicherheitsschuhe pro Mitarbeiter/in weg. Dies stellt eine beträchtliche Abfallmenge dar. Wenn wir unsere Schuhe gut pflegen, können wir diesen unnötigen Abfall reduzieren.

Die Produktionsstätte von Estavayer-le-Lac setzt auf Solarenergie

Das Dach des Verwaltungsgebäudes war renovierungsbedürftig.

Reduzierung des Papierverbrauchs

Im Logistikbereich “Friwilog“ bei ELSA wurden die Lieferscheine bis zum vergangenen Herbst auf Papier gedruckt.

United for the future

As part of M-Industry's strategy, the ELSA-Mifroma Group is committed to sustainable development. Our actions apply to all stages of the life cycle of a product.