Launch of the “Sustainable Milk” Production System

Le 15 February 2018

As a member of M-Industry and one of the largest milk processors in Switzerland, ELSA sets an example for the country’s dairy sector.

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ELSA commits to
on sustainable milk

Le 20 March 2017

As part of its sustainable development strategy, ELSA has set a goal of using only quality milk from sustainable production processes – a major contribution to M-Industrie’s commitment to use “100% sustainable raw materials” by 2040.

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The 100% goal: nothing but certified coffee

Le 10 June 2015

By 2020, the ELSA-Mifroma Group will use only certified coffee.

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Fairtrade tastes good!

Le 10 February 2015

By the end of 2015, the majority of our chocolate dairy products will contain certified cocoa.

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Certification for protecting biodiversity

Le 6 February 2015

In 2014, ELSA and MIFROMA were awarded for their commitment to protecting biodiversity.

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