Resource efficiency

Die Produktionsstätte von Estavayer-le-Lac setzt auf Solarenergie

Le 5 March 2020

Das Dach des Verwaltungsgebäudes war renovierungsbedürftig.

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Reduzierung des Papierverbrauchs

Le 30 October 2019

Im Logistikbereich “Friwilog“ bei ELSA wurden die Lieferscheine bis zum vergangenen Herbst auf Papier gedruckt.

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Ein weiterer Schritt für das Recycling bei ELSA-Mifroma

Le 28 September 2018

ELSA unternimmt einen weiteren Schritt zur Förderung des Recyclings, indem den Mitarbeitern und Mitarbeiterinnen ermöglicht wird, ihre Getränkekartons an 2 Sammelstellen auf der ELSA Produktionsstätte zu recyceln.

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Launch of the “Sustainable Milk” Production System

Le 15 February 2018

As a member of M-Industry and one of the largest milk processors in Switzerland, ELSA sets an example for the country’s dairy sector.

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ELSA reçoit le Prix ForêtFribourg pour sa chaudière à bois

Le 12 December 2017

Le «Prix ForêtFribourg» 2017 a été remis à ELSA pour l’implantation de sa centrale de chauffage à bois qui permet de chauffer le lait à la vapeur.

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ELSA’s wood-fired boiler for heating milk 

Le 1 May 2017

ELSA has installed a wood-fired boiler at its Estavayer-le-Lac production site. Thanks to this equipment, the milk is steam-heated, a method that saves about 12,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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ELSA commits to
on sustainable milk

Le 20 March 2017

As part of its sustainable development strategy, ELSA has set a goal of using only quality milk from sustainable production processes – a major contribution to M-Industrie’s commitment to use “100% sustainable raw materials” by 2040.

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At ELSA, milk cartons
get recycled!

Le 15 November 2016

To further reduce our waste volumes and recycle more, our UP (milk production) sector has improved its waste sorting processes

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Milk concentration:
ELSA innovates

Le 29 March 2016

ELSA continuously develops new solutions to help improve clients’ health and respect the environment. With this in mind, the equipment for milk concentration has been replaced.

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The future is in your little coffee creamer cups

Le 15 September 2015

ELSA now has a new way to fill coffee creamers – it’s just one more step in taking care of our planet.

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