World of employment

Our apprentices do their part for the community

Le 24 July 2017

To boost team spirit while doing their part to help the community – that’s the reason ELSA-Mifroma apprentices take part in “green week” every year.

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Supporting people with disabilities in employment

Le 14 October 2015

Since 1987, ELSA has collaborated with the Fondation La Rosière to help people with disabilities integrate into our teams.

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Our apprentices go green

Le 3 August 2015

From the 6th to 10th July 2015, ELSA-Mifroma Group apprentices contributed to the community by taking part in Green Week.

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Einleuchtende Massnahmen

Friendlier lighting

Le 21 May 2015

Mifroma’s production site in Ursy will soon be lit by LEDs.

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Fairtrade tastes good!

Le 10 February 2015

By the end of 2015, the majority of our chocolate dairy products will contain certified cocoa.

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Welcoming the talent of tomorrow!

Le 3 February 2015

Each year, our companies train around 35 apprentices.

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